ATTENTION: Are you an athlete looking to get stronger and faster? 


For less than $1 per day you’ll get access to the exact training methods that have helped thousands of athletes go from “slow and weak” to Division 1 athletes

Just as it has helped them... it can help YOU

<div class="editor-content"><p><strong><span style="font-size: 1.25rem">ATTENTION: Are you an athlete looking to get stronger and faster?&nbsp;</span></strong></p><br><p><strong><span style="font-size: 1.25rem; color: rgb(255, 0, 7)">HERE’S THE ONLY PROGRAMMING YOU NEED TO BUILD THE STRENGTH &amp; SPEED TO HELP YOU COMPETE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL</span><span style="font-size: 1.5rem"> </span></strong></p><br><p><strong>For less than $1 per day you’ll get access to the exact training methods that have helped thousands of athletes go from “slow and weak” to Division 1 athletes</strong></p><br><p><strong><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 37)">Just as it has helped them... it can help YOU</span></strong></p></div>

"I began training with Gerry and Challenger Strength in 2016 as a youth hockey player. The consistent training and guidance helped me develop the size, speed and physicality to become a Division 1 hockey player. Every athlete should be taking advantage of OnlyStrength."

Dean Toskos

Holy Cross Hockey '28


Detailed speed and strength programming, video demos of 650+ exercises, special monthly masterclasses, weekly Q&A's with a veteran coach and learning content all on our OnlyStrength app!


Detailed speed/strength programs for: in-season, off-season & youth athletes updated every TWO weeks, all year! See image for an example of the detail in just ONE training session.

Database of 600+ videos demos of EVERY exercise to guide you through your programs.


Get direct access to Gerry for help on our member's forum as well as during our WEEKLY Q&A's. All provided right within our app. Gerry is a veteran coach who has helped THOUSANDS of high school, college and pro athletes! He will help YOU!


Weekly, year round learning curriculum teaching YOU how to program AND special monthly coaching masterclasses with some of the BEST speed and strength coaches in the industry!


- You think you’re too scrawny and sluggish to compete at the highest level

- You have tried several training methods but just can’t seem to get any faster or stronger

- You are currently the slowest or weakest among your peers

- You’ve been told to give up on your dreams because you don’t have what it takes

Get access to our programming

In nearly a decade of coaching athletes I’ve seen many athletes go from weak and slow to the best they have ever been

What high level athletes and coaches have to say about our system

"Love your stuff. So common sense and that is not saying bad... it is great."

<div class="editor-content"><p>Tony Villani</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Long time Personal Trainer for Travis Kelce, NFL Combine Training Expert</p></div>

Tony Villani

Long time Personal Trainer for Travis Kelce, NFL Combine Training Expert

“Gerry, it’s easy to see you have amazing passion for this field and authentic care for the athletes you coach. Love your work and we should try and catch up/ visit in our off-season. Keep pushing our field forward!!!”

<div class="editor-content"><p>Brad DeWeese</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Director of High Performance, New York Jets</p></div>

Brad DeWeese

Director of High Performance, New York Jets

“You’re the best in the business and I couldn’t be happier to put my off-season development into your hands.”

<div class="editor-content"><p>Ben Robertson</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Defenseman, Cornell Men’s Hockey</p></div>

Ben Robertson

Defenseman, Cornell Men’s Hockey

“Gerry, thanks for all your great content!  Our S&C coach does a great job and handles a vast majority of our pitchers training, but your stuff has helped me optimize our training when our head coach wants me to condition them at practice!”

<div class="editor-content"><p>Chris Marx</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Assistant Coach, Purdue Baseball</p></div>

Chris Marx

Assistant Coach, Purdue Baseball

“Would you believe me if I told you I increased on all my speed testing! I can’t wait for my player meeting and for my coach to ask what I did. I got #1 in acceleration and #3 in fastest overall speed and agility on my team which were all PR’s.”

<div class="editor-content"><p>Emerson Elgin</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Left Back, UNC Women’s Soccer</p></div>

Emerson Elgin

Left Back, UNC Women’s Soccer

“We are finishing week 6 of the off-season programming today - and loving everything about it! Best $10 I spend each month.”

<div class="editor-content"><p><span style="font-size: 1.25rem">Douglas Baylis</span></p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Pitching Coach, Memorial High School (Texas)</p></div>

Douglas Baylis

Pitching Coach, Memorial High School (Texas)

“I’ve seen huge improvements in my maximal strength, which is greatly shown in my acceleration on the field and I recently had the best broad jump at a college football camp. I love OnlyStrength because Gerry lays out a full plan and I don't have to guess or worry about what I'm going to be doing in the gym or at the field.”

<div class="editor-content"><p>Jalen Morales</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Wide Receiver, Watertown High School</p></div>

Jalen Morales

Wide Receiver, Watertown High School

It’s one thing to train to get better…


It’s a whole different thing to train the “right way” to get better …


A lot of athletes find themselves in the first category.


They just train regularly but when it comes to results? 

They’re basically at the same spot they’ve been at since they started.


They’re not getting any stronger or faster


Are you by any chance one of them?

If you answered "yes," then 2024 might go on to be one of the best years of your life...

Because what I’m about to reveal to you is the best thing that’ll ever happen to your career


But before I do that let me ask you a question…


“How long have you been trying to get stronger & faster with the same training method you’re currently using?”

3 months?

6 months?

Over a year?


Is it working?


My guess is that it isn’t 

Because if it was you probably won’t be reading this right now

You see, the reason why all what you’ve been doing so far isn’t working is because most “regular” training programs out there lack the detail you need


They simply don’t have the right blend of in season and off-season programming to help you improve your strength & speed and become the athlete you’ve always dreamed of.


You need much more than just “another” training program


Because just putting in the hours at training and feeling good about yourself isn’t going to cut it.


The real question you're meant to be asking yourself  is:

“Are these hours being spent on the right programs that will help me get faster and stronger?”

Which is why what I’m about to reveal to you will be the key to helping you improve your strength & speed…

The difference in your performances after a few months of training using the method I'm about to show you will basically be night and day – this I can guarantee because I’ve helped thousands of athletes get the same results

The programming I’m about to reveal to you is something most coaches don’t teach…

With this training method you get to learn:

  • How to develop valuable strength to help develop speed and power

  • How to magnify your top speed and acceleration (one football athlete used this same method to execute a 4.4 second 40-yard dash)

  • Simple plyometric exercises anyone can do to develop elite bounce and power

  • Mobility & conditioning hacks to stay injury free all season long while training effectively


This is why I'm so passionate about the importance of using the right training programming

The wrong training program will have you feeling like you’re not destined to succeed as an athlete

Is there anything worse than putting in the hours but not seeing any progress?


The right programming will make sure you see the progress you desire and solidify your belief in yourself even if you're at a size disadvantage

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me?

I'm Gerry DeFilippo and since 2016 I’ve helped thousands of high school, college and professional athletes build their career and confidence by helping them get stronger and faster.


But don’t take it from me…


Look all over this site at what other coaches and athletes I've worked with have to say about me

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of young athletes waste their potential and talent simply because they’re training the wrong way


Worst of all… they spend tons of money buying training programs or hiring coaches who lead them astray...

You see the truth about life is this…


If you’re not yet where you want to be it’s simply because you don’t have access to the right information…


So, I decided to make getting access to the right information as easy and affordable as possible for athletes who are willing to ignite their careers and prove their doubters wrong


But before I reveal the details of this programming, I’ll like to let you know that this programming isn’t for everyone


This programming isn’t for you if… 

  • You’re someone who strongly believes that there’s no way they can get better than they currently are

  • You don’t have the passion to excel in your career

  • You’re not interested in doing any of the things I tell you to do

 If that describes you then you really should stop reading this now


But if you’re not in that category then I’d be pleased to introduce you to

The Results You Have Always Wanted Without Breaking The Bank!

Now you might be wondering…


“What is this going to cost me?”


Unlike most training programs out there this isn’t going to cost you much compared to the tons of value you’re going to be getting out of it.


For just $24.99 per month you get access to the training system that has made thousands of athletes successful.


That’s not even up to $1 per day…


I bet you probably spend way more than $1 every single day on things which add no real value to you or your career


But at that price I’m giving you a chance to make it to the top of your sport just like these athletes like you were able to

Make an Investment in YOUR Career

Why OnlyStrength programming?

Imagine what it would feel like to finally achieve your goals?!


You’ll get to hold your head up knowing that your career is only going to go upwards from here.


It’s 100% possible


But it all depends on the decision you make right here and now.

Ready? If so, click here!

Would you rob yourself of the chance to become the athlete you’ve always dreamed of, because of a meagre $24.99 investment?

Honestly, you could keep training the same way you currently are now and keep hoping you’ll improve over the next few months.


Or you could instead follow a program that’s tested and proven to work over the years.


The choice is yours to make at the end of the day.


Ready to make an investment in your career?